Assignment #4
Lesson Plan 1
A Puff Doesn't Make You Cool Stuff
Subject: Health
Grade Level: 9-12
  • This lesson gives the student an understanding of the level of cigarette use in their school. Each student gives out five surveys and the research data is put into an excel spreadsheet. The class creates a chart based off the data they received from the surveys. The chart gives the students a visual of how prominent tobacco use is within their school.

Lesson Plan 2
Under the Influence
Subject: Health
Grade Level: 6-8

Lesson Plan 3
Roam the Halls for Fitness
Subject: Physical Education
Grade Level: 6-12
  • This lesson plan incorporates pedometers in physical education. The students roam the halls of the school and try to get in as many steps as possibly can during class. They then check their pedometers to see how many steps they actually took. I would probably change this lesson by using the track, or having the students put on the pedometers during some type of activity like frisbee golf.

Assignment #5
Blogs Invade Classrooms This article is explaining how classrooms are changing from chalk boards to computers, internet, and blogs. It explains how blogging can improve and expand lessons.

Using Blogs to Enhance Middle School and High School Education This article is about a teacher who uses and requires students to use blogs. Blogging in the classroom has been a positive experience, and has been a great addition to the classroom. The teacher is able to learn a lot of information about the students, and is able to hear their worries and concerns.

How to Use Blogs in the Classroom

This is a good website that talks about how a teacher should use blogs in the classroom, and how teachers shouldn't use them.

Blogging? It's Elementary, My Dear Watson! This website explains a little on what blogging is and how to use it. The website also talks about how blogging can be used in the elementary setting, and gives a little incite about kidzblogs. Kidzblogs is affordable, easy, secure, and the class only needs one computer. The article finishes by talking about kids safety while using the internet.

Advice from Blogging Teachers This website has teachers from around the country describing what a blogging teacher is, describing what a blogging classroom is, giving advice on using blogging in the classroom, and what assignments work with blogging. This website is nice because you get different opinions and ideas from teachers all over the country.

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Assignment #7
This website has great lesson plans for physical education.
This website has many lesson plans that I use for health class. It also has streaming videos that I use.
This is one of my favorite sites to visit. I like to use this website to get up to date sport scores, schedules, etc.

Assignment #8
I found a really cool game called Point Place Squares at the following website, It's a game set up just like Hollywood Squares asking questions on alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. The mian website has many different activities and games that could be used for my health class is located at