Assignment #1 10 Articles that use iPods in the Classroom
1) iPods in the Classroom This article is talking about the benefits of having iPods in the classroom, and all the different possibilities that the iPod can create. A great example is a first grade teacher who has their students listening to their reading at their own pace then retelling the story using the voice recorder.

2) Get them learning anywhere **** This article is talking about how the iPod is changing the classroom. It talks about how apple has all the tools for mobile learning. You can create digital content, the tools to get that content to students, and the tools to let them play it back anywhere and at anytime. What I thought is really cool is the iTunes U which has lectures, presentations, videos, readings, and podcasts.

3) Apple + iPods @ GCSU This article is about Georgia College & State University, and Georgia's Public Liberal Arts University which are using different technology strategies. They have an iVillage, which is a virtual learning community, and course related projects that use iPods.

4) An iPod Touch in Every Classroom
This article talks about parent controls, how to test different applications, and talks about dazzle box and videos.

5) Classroom 2.0 **** This article is about Culbreth Middle School in Chapel Hill, NC, and how they use the iPod Touch in the classroom. Every student and every teacher gets an iPod touch which makes it easier to integrate the iPod into the classroom.

6) iPod Touch in the Classroom **** This is a pretty cool article. It's about a person meeting the principal at the school in my #5 website. The article talks about the reasons why the school went with an iPod touch instead of laptops, and the different experiences that teachers are having with the iPod.

7) iPods in the Classroom **** This article is talking about how iPods might be worth exploring and integrating into the classroom. The website also has links with information and educational applications for the iPod.

8) Using iPods in the Early Childhood Classroom **** In this article all ESL teachers at the same school received an iPod. They talk about all the different things the iPod can be used for besides music. They talk about using podcasting for parents, and staff development. They have a listening center where you record your own voice while reading a story. They also talk about the iPod Book by Scott Kelby.

9) New iPod Nano-huge classroom potential **** This article talks about the new iPod Nano and all the new features that can be used in the classroom. I found it interesting because it comes with a pedometer that could be used in my Physical/Health education classes.

10) The iPod Touch: Managing a Classroom Set This article is talking about managing an iPod set in a classroom without an iPod Touch cart and only free applications. It also has 6 possible challenges that teachers have to be aware of while trying to implement the iPod Touch.

Assignment #2

1) One of the websites that Harvey had, iPods in the Classroom, I enjoyed looking at. I liked all the different lesson plans that it offered.

2) I also liked the short video that Kathy had I enjoyed watching how an elementary classroom used the iPod Video.

3) Rochelle had a good article called, An iPod Touch Use in the Classroom or for Mobile Learning, ****. This article talks about the different reasons why younger and older students like the iPod touch.

4) Ryan had a good article, Are iPod-banning schools cheating are kids?, The article is talking about how kids need to learn relevant information like critical thinking, decision-making and information retrieval, and the iPod touch is something that would be useful in the classroom.

5) Jesse has a good article, Why an iPod Touch in education?, On this site someone is giving their opinion on the iPod Touch and what they use it for.

Assignment #3

FluFacts: Spread the message, not the flu

This is a podcast that's giving information about the flu, seasonal flu, and H1N1. I showed this podcast in my health class and there was mixed feelings about it. Some students thought it was informative and some didn't care about it. For some reason all the podcasts I download are very sketchy.

Assignment #4
Fitness plan that students will develop and implement using their iPod Touch and Fitness Builder Application.

Assignment #5

Teacher Podcast: Volleyball underhand/overhand serve Student Podcast: Tennis Backhand