Discussion Question 1

What do you know about using technology with students?

I learned how to make and use a podcast for students. I made a podcast showing the underhand and overhand serve for volleyball. The podcast could be used for students who where absent the day we went over the serve so they wouldn't miss any information for the test. It's a nice way of giving the students the information without having to repeat so many times. I also learned a little about audacity, and blogs, and how they could be incorporated into the classroom.

What do you want to know about using technology with students?

I would like to learn a little more about powerpoint. I know the basic parts to powerpoint, but I would like to learn how to add videos, or music to the slides.

Discussion Question 2

Look at the Essential 21st Century Skills List - Select one skill and discuss how you already meet this skill via your current instruction.

The skill that I already meet is communication skills. I use different types of multimedia communication from powerpoints, computer assignments, and videos. I also have different types of written assignments for students.

Select another Essential 21st Century Skill that you may NOT already touch upon and project how you might be able to meet that need in future instruction.

Problem Identification, Formulation, and Solution is the skill I can touch upon. I am good at framing the problem, and analyzing it, but I could work on solving the problem. Instead of taking a leadership rule in solving a problem, I am always wondering how someone else would solve it, or if I am on the right track on fixing the problem. I could work on my leadership role and stop worrying about what other people are thinking, or how other people would fix a problem.

Discussion Question 3 - to be done one week after the Weekend One


This video show how one of the most powerful drug, Methamphetamine, affects the brain. It's only a 3 minute video, but it's a good introduction video for my unit on club drugs and methamphetamine.

Discussion Question 4 - to be done Saturday/Weekend Two

To complete the KWHL- what have you learned from the readings, activities and discussions from this course about using technology with your students?
Please reflect upon at least one other students' entry and add your comments as a subthread to their message.

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